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Trout Nymphs

 A selection of popular traditional British trout nymphs

Trout Nymphs

Boxed Trout Nymph Selection

Boxed Trout Nymph Selection  £29.99

A boxed selection of forty popular trout nymphs from a well established Scottish supplier, tied in a range of sizes to the traditional UK patterns, along with a few more modern innovations.

Now available in our  ONLINE FLY SHOP

Each Trout Nymph selection has been chosen to give a good range of patterns in terms of representation, in the most practical sizes of 14, 12 and 10,  for use throughout the UK season on river and stillwater. 

Each selection of trout nymphs is presented in a durable and practical Fulling Mill plastic fly box.

Each boxed set of forty trout nymphs, in the most useful sizes of 14, 12 and 10, has been selected from the following list of renowned patterns, both traditional and modern, to provide practical variety throughout the UK fishing season, to enable the trout angler, on river or stillwater, to present an appropriate sub surface imitation.

No matter what the trout are feeding on beneath the surface of loch or stream, a suitable imitation should be found in this selection, from the stonefly nymphs (Plecoptera) of the river to the midges or buzzers (Chronomids) of the lake in their various incarnations of bloodworm or midge larva, free swimming midge pupa or hatching midge; from the Sedge or Caddis fly (Trichoptera), first as cased caddis (sedge larva) and later as the more mobile plump pupa, taken eagerly by the trout as it emerges as an adult sedge, to the nymphs of the upwinged flies (Ephemeroptera), the olives and mayflies of river and lake; from the Corixa in the stillwater shallows to the larger nymph of the Damsel fly (Agrion virgo) or the tasty freshwater shrimp.

Trout Nymph Selection

Price £29.99 Trout Nymph selection in plastic fly box 


£29.99 with free shipping


All trout nymphs in this selection are supplied by an old and well established Scottish firm, suppliers of quality trout and salmon flies to the Scottish tackle trade since 1880.

Please note that the flies included in the boxed selection may vary slightly from time to time according to availability, and occasionally alternative patterns may be substituted for those shown, although we will make every effort to include the flies listed below.

Trout Nymphs

Amber Nymph Epoxy Black  Beetle 
Black Buzzer Epoxy Shrimp
Black Nymph Epoxy Damsel Nymph
Black Shuttlecock Buzzer Freshwater Shrimp
Brown Nymph Gold Ribbed Hare's Ear
Brown Buzzer Green Buzzer
Caddis Nymph Greenwell's Nymph
Claret Buzzer GRHE Shuttlecock Buzzer
Claret Shuttlecock Buzzer Iron Blue Nymph
Corixa March Brown Nymph
Czech Nymph - Black and Brown Mayfly Nymph
Czech Nymph - Brown and Amber Montana Nymph
Czech Nymph - Brown and Cream Olive Nymph
Czech Nymph - Brown and Olive Olive Shuttlecock Buzzer
Czech Nymph - Green Orange Buzzer
Czech Nymph - Hare's Ear Orange Shuttlecock Buzzer
Czech Nymph - Olive Pheasant Tail Nymph
Czech Nymph - Red Red Buzzer
Damsel Nymph Stonefly Nymph

Click on the trout nymphs below to see an enlargement.

Amber Nymph Black Buzzer Black Nymph
Trout Nymph - Amber Nymph Trout Nymph - Black Buzzer Trout Nymph - Black Gnat
Black Shuttlecock Claret Buzzer Czech-Brown-Amber
Trout Nymph - Black Shuttlecock Buzzer Trout Nymph - Claret Buzzer Trout Nymph - Czech Nymph - Brown and Amber
Czech-GRHE Black Epoxy beetle Green Buzzer
Trout Nymph - Czech Nymph - Gold Ribbed Hare's Ear Trout Nymph - Black Epoxy Beetle Trout Nymph - Green Buzzer
March Brown Olive Shuttlecock Stonefly Nymph
Trout Nymph - March Brown Trout Nymph - Olive Shuttlecock Buzzer Trout Nymph - Stonefly Nymph
Brown Nymph Brown Buzzer Caddis Nymph
Trout Nymph - Brown Nymph Trout Nymph - Brown Buzzer Trout Nymph - Caddis Nymph
Claret Shuttlecock Corixa Czech-Black-Brown
Trout Nymph - Claret Shuttlecock Buzzer Trout Nymph - Corixa Trout Nymph - Czech Nymph - Balck and Brown
Czech-Brown-Cream Czech-Brown-Olive Czech-Green
Trout Nymph - Czech Nymph - Brown and Cream Trout Nymph - Czech Nymph - Brown and Olive Trout Nymph - Czech Nymph - Green
Czech-Olive Czech-Red Damsel Nymph
Trout Nymph - Czech Nymph - Olive Trout Nymph - Czech Nymph - Red Trout Nymph - Damsel Nymph
Epoxy Shrimp Freshwater Shrimp GRHE
Trout Nymph - Epoxy Shrimp Trout Nymph - Freshwater Shrimp Trout Nymph - Gold Ribbed Hare's Ear
Greenwell's Nymph GRHE Shuttlecock Iron Blue Nymph
Trout Nymph - Greenwell's Nymph Trout Nymph - Hare's Ear Shuttlecock Buzzer Trout Nymph - Iron Blue Nymph
Mayfly Nymph Montana Nymph Olive Nymph
Trout Nymph - Mayfly Nymph Trout Nymph - Montana Nymph Trout Nymph - Olive Nymph
Orange Buzzer Orange Shuttlecock Pheasant Tail Nymph
Trout Nymph - Orange Buzzer Trout Nymph - Orange Shuttlecock Buzzer Trout Nymph - Pheasant Tail Nymph


£29.99 with free shipping

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Trout Nymphs

Trout Nymphs

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The Spinhead is an entirely new spinning device, a kind of fly spoon, designed and developed by Grays of Kilsyth primarily for the salmon fly fisherman who prefers the fly rod to the spinning rod.


All of the above needle tubes, flies, fly tying and related accessories are available from Grays of Kilsyth online



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